Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tahara and Usul al-fiqh test

Course code: LTFM01
Please circle the correct answer

1. The following are from the faraid of wudu: (2 marks)

Washing the face and wiping the ear
Wiping the head and wiping the neck
Blowing the nose and gargling
Washing the arms up to and including the elbow and doing masah (wiping) on leather socks

2. Laughing out loud in prayer: (2 marks)

Breaks the prayer only
Breaks the Wudu and prayer
Ghusl becomes fard
Nothing happens

3. Acts that are permissible during post-natal bleeding (nifas) are: (2 marks)

Reciting the Quran
Listening to the Quran
Doing tawaf
Having sexual intercourse

4. Intention is a fard in: (2 marks)


5. Something which has been established by means of probable evidence and entails punishment upon commission is: (2 marks)

Makruh Tahrimi

6. Please write in detail the proper way of taking a bath, (include the faraid and sunans). (7 marks)

7. How many legal norms are there according to hanafi fiqh, and how do they differ from the rest of the schools of thought? (5 marks)
8. What is the punishment for missing out a sunna muakkada (4 marks)

9. What is the difference between maa mutlaq (normal water), maa mustamal (used water) and maa najis (impure water)? Please discuss their similarities and differences. (6 marks)

10. Please write some adaab (etiquettes) of wudu. (3 marks)

11. What can you not do in the state of major pollution (i.e. in need of a bath)? (5 marks)

12. Does sleeping break wudu? Please elaborate (5 marks)

13. When can tayammum be practiced? (2 marks)

14. What is the time limit for wearing leather socks for a traveller? (1 mark)

15. When is taking a bath mandub (preferable)? (2 marks)

16. Hamada’s father has passed away. On his way to the Janaza prayer Hamada got stuck in a traffic jam and was getting late. He thought to himself that if he were to do the wudu he might miss the prayer; in this situation would it be permissible for Hamada to perform dry ablution (tayammum)? Please explain your answer. (5 marks)

17. Sister Hanan has regular seven days of bleeding. One month she became irregular and bled for 14 days. In this situation how many days should be counted as menstruation and what should she do about her prayers? Please explain your answer. (5 marks)

18. Nizar suddenly decided to worship Allah by hanging upside down from a tree with a Quran in his hand. Upon coaxing from family members, Nizar asked them to prove where in the Quran it says that this form of worship is haram. How would they respond to his argument by using the principles of fiqh (usul al-fiqh)? (5 marks)

19. Nadia is a very good Muslim girl who strictly follows the Quran and Sunna. She is also a chocoholic (someone who loves chocolate). She once heard the local Imam saying that Allah has not left anything out of the Quran. Nadia did not find the mention of chocolate in the Quran or the Sunna therefore she decided to stop eating chocolate. In this situation how can we make her understand that chocolate can be halal and yet not be mentioned in the Quran and Sunna? Please apply your knowledge of usul al-fiqh. (5 marks)

20. Hisham is not sure if he has wudu or not. He does remember going in to the bathroom but does not remember if he relieved himself or just washed his hands. In this situation what should he do and why? (5 marks)

21. Hiba wore leather socks in the state of purity. She took her leather socks off after five hours (whilst still in the state of wudu). She then decided to wear them again. In this situation is she obliged to do the full wudu again before wearing the socks? Please explain. (5 marks)

22. Nurhan and her friends go to a restaurant on Wimslow Road for a meal. They order orange juice which is served in the same glasses that are used to serve alcohol in. Would it be permissible for them to drink from these glasses? Please explain. (5 marks)

23. Shayma is in her menstruation, however she teaches Quran to little children. Taking 7 days off every month will really affect the children’s education. How does Shayma solve this problem? And if she wanted to read any other Islamic literature such as Hadith is she able to? (5 marks)

24. Shahrur suffers from constant nose bleed; therefore he performs ablution in the beginning of every prayer time. At maghrib time Shahrur did wudu and was about to pray maghrib salat when he suddenly let out wind. Would we say that his wudu is still valid because he is from the excused? Please elaborate. (5 marks)
25. Hanadi is in Bangladesh and wishes to take a bath in the pond (fushkoni). He finds some najasat at the other end of the pond. Is he allowed to take a bath in this pond? If he is then what are the conditions, and if he isn’t then why? (5 marks)

For the Really Daring
(Note this section is not a part of the actual test and does not need to be completed. It will not contribute to the marks)

1. Whilst praying the janaza salat Hamdi suddenly burst in to laughter, in this situation what should he do?

2. Ibtisam is in the state of wudu. On a hot summer’s day she decided to do wudu again just to cool her self down. She performs the wudu in a bucket. Can Ibtisam use the same water that she used for wudu a second time to purify herself later? Please explain your answer.

3. Naguib believes that it is halal to have sexual intercourse with one’s wife whilst she is in her period. This is in violation of an unequivocal text of the Quran. Can Naguib be branded as a kafir for holding this opinion? Please explain

4. Which is the most blessed water in this world and the hereafter? Please explain

5. Zaid is locked up in a metal container by terrorists; he hasn’t any water to perform wudu with nor any earth to do tayammum. The time for prayer is almost finishing. In this situation how does Zaid react?

Wa sallallahu ala ashraf al-anbiya wal mursalin wa ala aalihi wa ashabihi ajmain. Nastaghfirullah wa natubu ilayh.


Abu Hurayrah said...

Brother, this is like some medical and physiology tests.

George had an ulcer and then he drank some orange juice. Right before he went to sleep, he noticed himself starting to get dizy. In this case, what could be george diagnosed off the next morning?

Im just joking.

Ma salam

Epoppie said...

Will you be publishing the answers inshaAllah? :)

Mansy said...

Inshallah i will publish the answers sometimes next week

Mansy said...

Please see the original notes that were taught to the students who took this test