Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Knowledge is a Divine Light

By Mansur Ali.

Knowledge is a deep ocean without an ocean bed.

The deeper the person dives the more mysteries of
knowledge will open up for him.

By diving in the heavenly ocean he will be gifted
with pearls and corals, the fruits of the ocean of knowledge.

Knowledge is a divine light, which sheds its
radiance on the path of life, guiding its followers
through every phase of life.

know is divine; it differentiats between
good and evil.

So O Muslims! Take up this quest, the quest for
the search of knowledge.

Grasp it while you still have time,
attain it while you are healthy and fine.

Gain it with zeal and crave
Gain it from the cradle to the grave.


Anonymous said...

I attended the conference in Oldham at the Compase House.
Masha-allah, your lecture was very motivating. I have managed to find your blog (finally) and look forward to gaining information from it.

Mansur said...

Assalamulaikum, You can email me on my email address if you want.

take care

p.s. have a read of my article on Coffee the devil's brew

Sunshine said...

Just read it! Very interesting!
I've managed to make a blog myself!